Randall Edge's Service to Toastmasters International

Randall W. Edge Service to the Toastmaster’s Organization:

Sep 1985: Joined as Charter Member of the Daybreakers Club
Apr 1986: Division B Humorous Contest: First Place
May 1986: Competent Toastmaster (1st Completion)
Dec 1986: VP Education, Daybreakers (6131-42)
Mar 1988: Able Toastmaster (A.T.M.) (19364-1st Completion)
Dec 1988: Able Toastmaster Bronze (996-1st Completion)
Dec 1989: Able Toastmaster Silver (596-1st Completion)
Feb 1990: Phoenix Award for the Lighthouse Toastmasters (6665-42)
Jun 1990: Area B33 Area Governor
Oct 1990: Competent Toastmaster (2nd Completion)
Oct 1990: Master of Ceremonies, Schneider Leadership Awards
Apr 1991: Competent Toastmaster (C.T.M.) (3rd Completion)
May 1991: Competent Toastmaster (C.T.M.) (4th Completion)
Jun 1991: Lt. Governor for Division B (D42)
Jun 1991: Competent Toastmaster (C.T.M.) (5th Completion)
Jun 1991: Member, Daybreakers Club, Ranked #2 in World
Jun 1991: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) (4187-1st Completion)
Oct 1991: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (6th Completion)
Oct 1991: Area 4 Table Topics Contest: First Place Finish
Nov 1991: Division B Table Topics Contest: First Place
Nov 1991: District 42 Conference Treasurer, Fall Conference
Mar 1992: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (7th Completion)
Oct 1992: Competent Toastmaster (CTM)  (8th Completion)
Oct 1992: Founder Morning Sun Toastmasters Club (9073-21)
Nov 1992: Founder Mile "O" Toastmasters Club (9110-21)
Nov 1992: Club Specialist for Merritt Toastmasters Club (3929-21)
Dec 1992: Founder Kamloops Centennial Toastmasters (9121-21)
Jan 1993: Competent Toastmaster (C.T.M.) (8th Completion)
Mar 1993: Founder Kami Riverside Toastmasters Club (9223-21)
Mar 1993: President, Kami Riverside Toastmasters Club (9223-21)
Apr 1993: Phoenix Award Recipient Merritt Toastmasters (3929-21)
May 1993: District Governor's Citation Award District 21 (B.C.)
May 1993: Able Toastmaster (ATM) (30557-2nd Completion)
May 1993: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) (4960-2nd Award)
June 1993: Area 35 Area Governor (3 to 8 clubs growth)
June 1993: Area 35 "Select Distinguished" Area
July 1993: 1993 Area Governor of the Year for District 21
Aug 1993: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (9th Completion)
Sept 1993: Founder "Kamloops Communications Awards"
Jan 1994: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (10th Completion)
Feb 1994: Charter Member, UCC Mountain High Club (9881-21)
June 1994: Charter Member, Barriere Toastmasters Club (9832-21)
Jan 1995: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (11th Completion)
June 1995: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (12th Completion)
Apr 1995: Northern (Ont) Division Evaluation Contest: First Place
March 1997: Founder, Sudbury Dawn Toastmasters Club (8720-60)
Feb 1998: Competent Toastmaster (CTM) (13th Completion)
Mar 2000: Advanced Toastmaster Gold (1st Completion)
Mar 2001: Division B First Place: International Speech Contest
Jan 2005: President, Daybreakers Toastmasters Club
Jan 2006: Co-ordinator, Speechcraft for UR EMBA
July 2006: President, Daybreakers Toastmasters Club
Oct 2006: Competent Communicator (C.C.) (1st Completion)
July 2007: President, Daybreakers Toastmasters Club
June 2008: TLI: Workshop-Robert's Rules
Sept 2009: Co-ordinator, Speechcraft for Gabriel Dumont Institute
May 2014: Charter Member, Wordmasters Club (3599501-42)
July 2014: Area Governor for B33 (Acting), District 42
July 2014: Division B Parliamentarian
July 2014: Division B Chief Judge
Jan 2015: Competent Communicator (2nd Completion)
Apr 2015: Division B Champion - International Speech Contest
May 2015: Competent Communicator (3rd Completion)
June 2015: VP Education, Weekend Wordmasters Club
June 2015: Editor, Division B, Beeline Newsletter
Nov 2015: Competent Communicator (4th Completion)
Feb 2016: Competent Communicator (5th Completion)
June 2016: VP Education, Weekend Wordmasters Club
June 2016: Competent Communicator (6th Completion)
June 2016: "Triple Crown" Award from District 42
June 2017: President, Weekend Wordmasters Club
Sept 2017: Competent Communicator (7th Completion)
May 2018: Competent Communicator (8th Completion)
June 2018: Competent Leader
July 2018:  Competent Communicator (9th Completion)
Sept 2018: Peter Francis Communications Award
June 2019: "Triple Crown" Award from District 42
June 2019: Advanced Communicator Bronze
June 2019:  Toastmaster of the Year for Weekend Wordmasters Club
June 2019:  Pathways - Level 2