Venue for a Small Wedding: Atlantis's Vault Room at 1992 Hamilton Street

For Intimate Weddings.....

There are times when a couple are looking for a small venue for a small gathering of friends and family.  Consider the Vault Room at Atlantis Coffee Co. where Victoria avenue meets Hamilton Street in downtown Regina.  You the this coffee shop was built on the site that originally housed a commercial bank.  They have converted the old bank vault room into a beautiful space that is adorned by the artwork of local Saskatchewan artists.  If you are just you two and your two witnesses...then this may be a perfect setting for your wedding service.  Atlantis requests that you call and book the room.  There is not a formal charge per se for the room but there is an expectation that orders for coffee and tea and snacks will be made from Atlantis while you are there.  The room can sit six guests comfortably.  One advantage of using this facility is when circumstances existing whereby the couple may not be able to arrange for two witnesses.  Randall has never had a problem finding volunteers in the establishment who are willing to volunteer ten minutes of their time to witness the wedding service.  There were one time when an entire table of eight volunteer to serve as witnesses.  A lot of fun!
Atlantis's Vault Room is not a setting that one would expect to find....yet there it is in the heart of Regina's downtown district.  For more information or to make a booking:

Atlantis Coffee Co.
1992 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2C4

Phone: 306-565-2213
Couple should call ahead to book day and time for the booking of the Vault Room