Turning your PowerPoint software into a Teleprompter

Turning your PowerPoint software into a Teleprompter

 Teleprompters are devices use extensively in the movie and television industry as well as by professional speakers and politicians.  Yet this equipment is cumbersome, in many cases deploying dated technologies, and is not readily available due to pricing availability.   So why not convert Microsoft PowerPoint into a teleprompter?
 "How to Write a Speech in 8 EasySteps"  is  a pre-configured sample PowerPoint file.  You have free to download this file as a template and then simply change the text to your desired presentation as this PowerPoint presentation is fully configured to operate as a Teleprompter.

Can you do this yourself from scratch?  Yes.  It takes patience and practice but here are the steps to be undertaken:

Step 1: Create a new presentation in PowerPoint and Set the layout as Blank.

Step 2:  Select the Design Tab and choose Black as the Background Style (Style 4)

Step 3: Create a new Text Box such that it expands to the entire width of the slide.

Step 4: Copy-paste the transcript inside this text box and change the font size of the text as per requirements. Cambria font at 44 points with single line spacing is suggested

Step 5:  Select the Animations Tab in PowerPoint and, while the text box is selected, go to the navigation panel marked ‘Custom Animation”.  Select the item 0.  Right click for menu for “Add Effect” that is found under Motion Path. Then go to Effect Options and set “6. Up” (as the direction for Animation)

Step 6: Open the Animations pane and double-click the Textbox object to open the Effect options dialog. Set the Smooth Start and Smooth End click boxes to on. Set Timing to 0 seconds. From the Timing tab, set the duration of the animation to 50 seconds.

Step 7: Next reduce the zoom to around 20% such that the entire animation and the slide is visible.  Move the red tip of the animation arrow above the top edge the slide as shown in the next screenshot.

Step 8: elect 'Transitions'  DeSelect 'Click to Advance', set short time limit to advance to next slide