Wedding Venue: The Atrium at the T.C. Douglas Building - Sat Afternoons Only

The Atrium at the T.C. Douglas Building at 3475 Albert Street, Regina, Sask (Albert Street at Hill Avenue)

When winter arrives, the number of venues available for a small wedding party diminishes rapidly.

However, in central Regina, there is the Atrium for the T.C. Building.  This is the same building that also houses the MacKenzie Art Gallery.  The Atrium is only open for a limited number of hours.  However it is open to the public without charge on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The Atrium is an indoor setting light by natural sunlight and hosts an wide assortment of grown trees and greening plants.  It is an ideal setting for a small wedding with several secluded areas for the wedding ceremony.  The Atrium is open to the public without charge.  The only rules are that the wedding party should check into the security desk before using the facility and that decorating the facility is not permitted.  On Saturdays, there is ample parking available at this location.