Services - Marriage Commissioner

Marriage Commissioner Randall Edge performs wedding ceremony services for the solemnization of marriages normally within the boundaries of the City of Regina. This is the area to which he has been appointed to provide service by the Saskatchewan government.
All appointment bookings are made on a preliminary reservation basis.  Firstly there is no deposit required to secure a booking.  To secure a booking Randall does request that a couple completes and then returns to Randall a MA1 Form to Reserve Date and Time of Wedding Booking The information contained on this form is used by Randall to prepare the legal documents that are signed during the wedding service.
Preliminary reservations date and times are held by Randall for 14 days.  Randall reserves the right to cancel preliminary reservations after the 14 day wait period.  Having said that, once Randall receives a completed MA1 form, he then proceeds to convert the preliminary reservation into a confirmed booking.  The booking couple can check that their booking is accepted and "locked in" by checking the availability section of Randall's web site.
The basic fee for a Marriage Solemnization ceremony:  $100.00 per ceremony performed (which includes the cost of a wedding rehearsal as well). Tips are gratefully appreciated but are at the absolute option of the wedding couple.  For more information, review the MA7 Form for Service to select the services you need to book with Randall. Couples can elect to provide the payment in the same envelope that contains the original marriage license form that is given to Randall when he arrives on the wedding day or at the rehearsal.  Randall must be given the original marriage license form before the wedding ceremony can be performed.  Randall accepts payment for his fees by a variety of options.  Randall does not need to be paid on the wedding day.  He invoices for his services by email upon request and can be paid by either cash payment, postdated cheque, e-payment or by use of a Visa or MasterCard. When Randall is paid in cash, Randall considers the cash form of payment as including a gratuity (a tip).
Marriage Commissioners are sometimes referred to by their former name (before 1996), namely "J.P." (Justice of the Peace).  Randall will respond to the honorific term "JP".
Under the requirements of the Marriage Act, 1997, the couple to be married should avoid the consumption of intoxicating beverages (etc.) prior to the conduct of the marriage ceremony. The couple should possess the ability to speak and comprehend the English language in order to understand the legal nature of the marriage vows. The Act also stipulates that the timing of marriage ceremonies between the hours of 10pm and 6am (22:00 to 06:00) should also be avoided. The couple is expected to provide two witnesses for the ceremony, both of which are eighteen years of age or older.

Randall's Open & Available Dates to Book

MARCH 2018
All Sundays available all day to book
Sat Mar 17 - 1pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm - Available to Book
Booked-Sat, Mar 24/18-Noon to 4pm
Sat, Mar 31/18-Open
APRIL 2018
All Sundays Available all day to book
Mon, Apr 2/18 - All day available to book
Booked-Wed, Apr 18/18-2pm to 5pm-Location to be determined
Booked-Sat, Apr 21/18-Noon to 3pm-Officiant's Office in Regina
Mon, Apr 30/18 - All day available to book
Sat, April 7, 14, 28 - 1pm to 8pm
MAY 2018
All Sundays Available all day to book
Booked-Sat, May 5/18-2pm to 4pm-Hotel Sask
May 5/18 - 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
Booked - Sat, May 12/18 - Noon to 3pm - Travelodge
May 19, 26 - 1pm to 8pm
Booked - Sat, May 19/18 - 6:30pm to 9pm (Live Long; Prosper!)
May 18/18 - 1pm, 7pm, 8pm
May 21/18 - Available all day
JUNE 2018
All Sundays Available all day to book
June 2/18 - Available to book
Booked-Sat, June 9/18-Noon to 2:30pm at Lakewood Park
Booked Sat, June 9/18 - 2:30pm to 5pm at Zadack Event Center
June 16/18 - Available to book
Booked Sat, June 23/18-1pm to 3pm at Zadack Event Center
Booked Sat, June 23/18- pm to 5pm at Wascana Place
Booked Fri, June 29/18-5pm to 6pm at Center of the Arts
Booked Sat, June 30/18 - 1pm to 4pm at Center of the Arts
JULY 2018
All Sundays Available all day to book
July 1/18 - Available all day to book
July 2/18 - Available all day to book
Booked-Sat, July 7/18-Noon to 3:00pm-Goose Hill Park, Regina
Booked-Sat, July 7/18- 3pm to 6pm-Country Acres (McLean, Sask)
Booked-Sat, July 14/18 - 1pm to 3pm-Lumsden Lions Club (Lumsden, SK) 
Reserved-Sat, July 21/18-2pm to 2am-Expires Mar 31/18
July 28, 2018 - Open all Day
All Sundays Available all day to book
Sat, Aug 4, 2018 - Available All day
Monday, Aug 6/18 - Available all day
Booked-Sat, Aug 11, 2018 After 4pm at WaWa Hall (Regina)
Booked-Sat, Aug 18, 2018 1pm to 2am at the Eagles Hall
Booked-Sat, Aug 25/18-1pm to 3pm at the RCMP Heritage Hall
Booked-Fri, Aug 31/18-6pm-Rehearsal Sukanen Ship
All Sundays available all day to book
Booked-Sat, Sept 1/18-1:30pm to 3:30pm-Sukanen Ship (Moose Jaw) 
Mon, Sept 3/18 - Available All Day
Booked-Sat, Sept 8/18 - Noon - 2pm - Kiwanis Waterfall
Booked-Sat, Sept 8/18 - 3pm to 6pm - Country Acres - McLean
Sat, Sept 15/18 - Available All Day
Sat, Sept 22/18 - Available All Day
Sat, Sept 29/18 - Available All Day
All Sundays available all day to book
Monday, Oct 8/18 - All day available to book
Booked Oct 13, 2018, 1pm to 4pm
Oct 6, 20, 27 - 1pm to 8pm
All Sundays available all day to book
Booked Nov 3, 2018 - All day - The Crave
Booked Nov 9, 2018 - 6pm-7pm - Rehearsal at Unitarian Center
Booked Nov 10, 2018 - 1pm to 3pm - Wedding at Unitarian Center
Monday, Nov 12/18 - Available all day to book
Nov 17, 24 - available to book.
All Sundays available all day to book
Dec 1, 8, 15, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - Available All Day
Dec 30, 2018-8am to 1pm-Equipment Takedown-Elks Hall
Booked-Dec 31, 2018-4pm to 6pm-Travelodge Regina
2019 Dates Booked:
Booked-Sat, Jan 4, 2019 Rehearsal at Artesian at 4pm
Booked-Sat, Jan 5, 2019-1pm to 3pm at Artesian on 13th Avenue
Booked-May 18, 2019-6pm to 8pm-Wascana Country Club
Booked-Sat, June 22, 2019 - All Day
Booked-Sat, Aug 17, 2019-1pm to 3pm-Travelodge Regina
2020 Dates Booked:
Booked-Aug 1, 2020-2pm to 4pm-Lady Slipper Theater

Chris Bell, the Gentlemen DJ

Randall Edge, JP, is pleased to announce his formal association with Chris Bell.  Randall and Chris have worked together on a significant number of wedding assignments for more than ten years now.  Whenever a couple may consider to book Randall as a DJ, then they will be well served as in many instances the DJing will be lead Chris Bell as the DJ for their special day. We know how important your wedding day is. That is why we offer several customizable packages for you to work with. They are designed to meet any budget and style. Chris's and Randall's goal  is to make your day run smoothly and stress free.  Chris is acutely skilled at learning the needs for each wedding and how to read the mood of the guests in that special time after the conclusion of speeches. 

Wedding Venue: The Upper Sanctuary at the Unitarian Center (2700 College Avenue at Angus Street)

The Sanctuary at the Unitarian Centre
Consider a unique setting for your wedding solemnization ceremony.  Marriage Commissioner Randall Edge is pleased to suggest the Sanctuary at Regina’s Unitarian Fellowship Center.  The Sanctuary is located at 2700 College Avenue (at Angus Street).  There is ample parking in the area. The Upper Sanctuary can seat over 100 guests. Due to the nature of its acoustical design, the Upper Sanctuary does not need to be equipped with a microphone.  There are two stages in the Sanctuary.  Weddings can be conducted on the upper and the lower stage areas. There is an electric chair hoist for anyone who needs assistance with the stairs to the Upper Sanctuary. Randall can arrange a booking of the Sanctuary, the Kitchen and the Lower Meeting Room,  Pricing available upon request.
The Sanctuary is available for booking most Saturday afternoons. 
To book, just email your planned date and time to Randall Edge at  Randall is a keyholder for the Unitarian Center and is always pleased to give anyone a tour of the facility should they wish to view the facility first hand.  This comes in handy as well when organizing decorating the facility as well as having it available for rehearsals.

Where Can I Get a Marriage License?

In Regina, there are several locations where a couple can obtain their marriage license, these include:

A Tymeless Event
359B Albert Street (near Avonhurst), Regina, SK
Ph: 306-550-340
Paris Jewellers
Southland Mall
20-2965 Gordon Rd.
Regina, SK
Ph: 306-347-5660
Royalty Goldsmiths
Victoria Square Mall
Regina, SK
Ph: 306-522-4653
Fax: 306-522-4654
The Wedding Gallery
305 Victoria Avenue (near Arcola)
Regina, SK
Ph: 306-789-7911
Simon's Jewellers
Northgate Mall
489 Albert Street North
Unit 58
Regina, SK
Ph: 306-949-7733