The Receiving Line.....Perfect Way to Meet Your Guests after the Recessional

After the wedding ceremony your guests will be eager to meet with the wedding couple to offer congratulations to them. A Receiving Line is an elegant and efficient way for the couple, the wedding party and their parents to receive these good wishes from friends and family who have come to share the wedding day.

When does a receiving line take place?  It is customary for receiving line to be formed after the ceremony, immediately after the Recessional departure of the wedded couple who have just completed their wedding vows.

Who Stands In the Receiving Line and Where?  If you are following tradition, then the couple, their parents and the maid of honor would be the ones to stand in the line. However, at the bare minimum, it should be the Bride and Groom, Bride’s Mother (or whoever is hosting/paying), Groom’s Mother, and Maid/Matron of Honor. The fathers, best man, and bridal party are optional. Ushers, flower girls, ring bearers, and siblings of non-wedding party members do not participate.

The order of the line-up is the following:

1. The Wedding Hosts (usually the couple’s parents, with mothers first)
2. The Groom’s mother and father
3. The Bride and Broom
4. The Maid/Matron of Honor
5. The Bridesmaids and Best Man