Wedding Venue: Kiwanis Waterfall Park at 3400 Regina Ave at Elphinstone

One of Regina's worst kept secrets is the Kiwanis Waterfall Park. Located on Regina Avenue and Elphinstone (3400 Regina Avenue), about five blocks east of the Lewvan (and Regina's Airport); the park is a picture perfect setting for small to mid size wedding ceremonies. Kiwanis Park is a public park that is care for by the City of Regina. Couples can book the use of this small cozy park for one hour time periods. There is power available for sound systems as well. The park is serviced by two separate parking lots; and there is an upper park area that is perfect for small family picnics.

The park is an ideal setting for weddings involving a guest list of four to fifty participants; with parking availability becoming a factor as the guest list grows. One factor to take into consideration is that the falling water creates a lot of background noise that is challenging for larger groups of people to hear. If you are conduct a wedding service with over 20 guests, you make wish to consider rental sound equipment for the wedding service.

Reservations for the park are handled by the City of Regina.