Randall's Dress Code

Randall is usually attired for a wedding service in a black suit with a black shirt and tie.  This is Randall's preferred appearance as a Marriage Commissioner serving in the role of being an Officiant at a wedding ceremony.

However, during summer months (June to September) it is not uncommon for temperatures to easily go over 20 degrees Celsius.   In these temperatures Randall may elect to change his Dress Code to being that of black slacks, a black short sleeved shirt with a dark blue vest and tie. 

Sometimes temperatures can rise above 25 degrees Celsius.  In circumstances where the wedding ceremony is to be held out of doors and especially when the wedding service is to be conducted under a beating sun, then Randall may elect to use a three option for his Dress Code.  He may elect to wear white slacks, a white short sleeved shirt with a white vest and tie.