A Better Way of Pinning on a Floral Boutonniere on a Tuxedo

Often, as a Marriage Commissioner, I am asked to assist to pin on Boutonniere flowers onto the lapels of the tuxedos of the groom's party.  I always hestitate to do this because often the flowers are made in a fragile way and literally fall apart in my hards.  You can use a traditional straight pin in a horizontal manner to securely attach the flowers but photographers dislike the way the flowers look in photographs.  You can affix the flowers vertically with a straight pin but soon the flowers either fall off or slip sidewards.  The answer?  When ordering flowers make a point of asking for magnetic clips.  The BoutStik clips are best.  They are even available in Regina at Growers Direct at 359 Albert Street.  They are the best solution and you will not regret making the effort to get them!